Torn ACL in Dog – New Vet

Conservative Management for torn ACL in dog provides lasting results

Darcy's new favorite sleeping position for torn acl in dog post
Darcy’s new favorite sleeping position

It has actually been almost two years already.  I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.  During the recovery of the torn ACL in my dog, it seemed to go so slow.  But now, my 10+-year-old dog is as frisky as ever.  People still ask me if she’s a puppy.

New Vet!

We moved to a new city and Darcy and I got a new vet.  It was a great experience and the vet also said she would have recommended conservative management (where was this vet when this all happened?!).  She had no idea that Darcy had her injury.  She was super impressed with how well Darcy has recovered from her dog knee injury.  She was really impressed with all of my research and the Naturvet Glucosamine and Chondroitin that I give Darcy.  She suggested Omega fatty acids (it has them), MSM (yep), and I let her know about the yucca in it as well.  The vet asked what brand I was getting and that sounded perfect for helping prevent arthritis.  She is going to suggest that brand to her clients.

I do notice that Darcy sometimes limps very slightly after a really long walk or many walks in one day, and sometimes leans on her “good leg” when she’s really tired.  But really you can’t tell she was injured at all.  She still runs after a ball with all of the abandonment of a puppy.  The neighbor’s kid loves to throw the ball for her over and over and she runs and jumps until she is tired.

We have had a really snowy winter and I remembered what the vets told me about her “post-holing” in the snow.  That is when her paws break through the crust of the snow.  Because we didn’t want to risk another injury, we had mostly been walking through the neighborhood.  The snow through the forest was really deep and then it got really icy and I didn’t want to risk it for her or myself.  Now that it’s summer, we hike all over the place.  We try to get her out at least 45 minutes on her daily walk and sometimes longer on days off.

We do still give her (and ourselves) the turmeric every day twice a day.  There is no more clicking or swelling.  I think that is definitely from keeping her active and her daily supplements.  The vet was very happy to hear about the turmeric and talked about what a great anti-inflammatory it is and that she is going to get it for her and her husband as well!  I have found so many things that work across species.

If I had only known some of this at the beginning of this whole torn ACL in dog thing, I think I might have done some things a bit differently.  I probably would have started with walking her a little sooner and a stiffer brace might have helped with getting her active sooner.  My husband and I really think the muscle loss was hard to deal with in a dog her age and it did take quite awhile to put it all back on again.

I wanted to let everyone know that it is possible to help your dog through a torn ligament injury.  I do know that some big dogs aren’t good candidates for conservative management.  Plus if you have a puppy, it would be hard to keep the little one not moving through recovery.  I hope it works out for all of you that try it.  Let me know in the comments.  Best of luck!

Update #1 – A Dog Incident

What happened? A dog incident.

Golden retriever around two horses for dog incident post
How Darcy looked around the two big dogs!

Everything has been going great for my dog’s knee injury recovery.  And, then a bunch of things happened.  We were on a walk and two very large dogs (off leash) were pushing (herding) my dog and I down the street in the direction they wanted us to go.  They were both bigger than I was!  They were sort of head-butting and trying to put their paws on my dog if she didn’t go the way they wanted.  Darcy seemed okay after that. Continue reading “Update #1 – A Dog Incident”

Week 24 – My Dog Graduated!

No more vet visits!

Image of My dog at the lake off leash! for my dog graduated blog post
My dog off leash at the lake!

I couldn’t believe it.  My dog graduated!  This whole conservative management process really works!

We went to our third and (we didn’t know it) final hydrotherapy vet visit.  The vet watched Darcy on the underwater treadmill and said, “Okay, your dog graduated!”  I couldn’t understand what she was talking about?  She said that she didn’t feel right having me come in every week for hydrotherapy when my dog is doing so awesome. Continue reading “Week 24 – My Dog Graduated!”

Week 22 – Fully healed?

The vet said my dog is fully healed?

We went to another hydrotherapy session this week and the vet said that

Image of "fully healed" dog from conservative management
Darcy looks almost the same as she did pre-injury!

dogs who use the Conservative Management route are fully healed by 6 months.  We just hit about 6 months and she said that dogs will be healed as much as they can be at that point. Continue reading “Week 22 – Fully healed?”

Weeks 18 & 19 – Mushroom Hunting and Dog Recovery

Who would have thought that mushroom hunting would be theImage of morel mushroom for mushroom hunting and dog recovery perfect dog therapy activity?!

We went mushroom hunting on our “staycation”.  We took about a week and a half off, that’s why no blog last week.  We found a bunch of morel mushrooms (wikipedia link to these trippy looking mushrooms).  But, the greatest part to me was how perfect it was for my dog’s knee recovery.
We wandered through the forest (soft ground) over bushes and logs (uneven ground) at a pretty sedate pace and when we found a mushroom, she sat (more sit/stands) and we were sidehilling.  All of those things were recommended by my holistic vet and to find one activity that does them all was great! Continue reading “Weeks 18 & 19 – Mushroom Hunting and Dog Recovery”

Week 17 – Carrots as Treats

Why do I use carrots as treats?Image of stuffed carrot for carrots as treats blog post

First, my dog loves carrots as treats and with all of the dog rehabilitation exercises we are doing, I needed something that wouldn’t make her gain weight.  I cut two baby carrots in half and then slice them up into little slices to use as rewards for her dog therapy exercises. Continue reading “Week 17 – Carrots as Treats”

Week 16 – Glutamine for Dog Injury

Should I use glutamine for dog injury?

Glutamine for dogs?  Most people have never heard of glutamine for humans!image of glutamine amino acid chain for glutamine for dog injury blog post

We turned the corner in Darcy’s ACL injury this week. I’m not sure if it’s the glutamine I started her on, or we just finally hit that point where she has recuperated almost fully. Continue reading “Week 16 – Glutamine for Dog Injury”

Week 15 – Dog Physical Therapy

How important is dog physical therapy in Conservative Management?

Image of dog on exercise ball for dog physical therapy blog
Darcy’s new exercise is similar to this

Well, in my opinion, super important.  I just got back from the Alternative Veterinarian office and Darcy has gained 1.5 inches of muscle on her injured leg and 1/4 inch on her non-injured leg! Continue reading “Week 15 – Dog Physical Therapy”

Week 14 – Walking After No Surgery for Dog Knee Injury

Darcy is going on longer walks after herWalking through the forest after no surgery for dog knee injury dog knee injury!

Every single day, my dog is getting stronger after her dog knee injury.  She is amazing and made to naturally heal just like we are.  We are up to walking each day for 31 minutes and still adding on.  I swear there is no stopping her! Continue reading “Week 14 – Walking After No Surgery for Dog Knee Injury”

Week 13 – Walking is Fun!

How long am I walking my dog 13 weeks into Conservative Management?

Image of dog tired after walking during cruciate injury recovery
Tired dog after walking!

We’re up to 25 minutes of walking!  And, tomorrow will be 26 minutes.  I am absolutely amazed at how well Darcy is doing after her dog knee injury.  We were upping her walks by one minute a day.  We started at 10 minutes and now 25.  She doesn’t limp, she (and I) and much happier.  She is still super excited about her rounds of exercise three times a day.  We were able to take her off of the acepromazine. Continue reading “Week 13 – Walking is Fun!”

Week 12 – Dog Laser Therapy

Does dog laser therapy work?

Well, I can tell you this.  After our dog laser therapy and rehabilitation

Darcy and her dog laser therapy goggles
Darcy and her dog laser therapy goggles

session, Darcy was walking like she had never had a knee injury.  The appointment last for a little over an hour and in that time, Darcy did every exercise the therapist could think of, muscle stimulation and laser therapy. Continue reading “Week 12 – Dog Laser Therapy”

Weeks 10 & 11 – Dog Rehabilitation Exercises

Do dog rehabilitation exercises help?

You bet they do!  Darcy’s leg was really atrophied and she was getting sort of bony in general because of her lack of exercise during her recovery.  Now, her leg feels full of muscle again.  And, she seems to enjoy them.

Continue reading “Weeks 10 & 11 – Dog Rehabilitation Exercises”

Week 8 – Dog Knee Injury is Getting Better

Darcy’s knee injury is better

But, it’s a slow process.  My dog’s activity is slowly increasing.  We were doing one 8-10 minute walk per day and she did start to limp, so I let her rest for a couple of days.  I started just walking her around the backyard in shorter spurts more times per day.   Continue reading “Week 8 – Dog Knee Injury is Getting Better”

Week 6 – We seemed to have plateaued in dog ACL injury

Darcy’s doggy ACL injury seems a wee bit better

I need to remember to compare how she is now to how she was at week two.  She is definitely better, but hasn’t shown much improvement this last week.  We decided to take the brace off her because her muscles are atrophying and we wanted her to gain some of the strength she lost.  Nothing major, just baby steps.  We got a few huge storms and really cold weather (highs were in the 20’s) so that may have affected her.  It affected me!  She laid around more on the stormy days and slept, definitely not as rambunctious as when we had nice weather the week before. Continue reading “Week 6 – We seemed to have plateaued in dog ACL injury”

Week 5 – A bad day…CCL Tear

Is my dog’s knee really getting better?

Sometimes it will seem like your dog is going backwards in the Conservative Management process for a CCL tear.

Darcy was starting to walk better and doesn’t understand the need for image for a bad day post on ccl injury blogactivity restriction.  This is when you must really be diligent about keeping your dog restricted.  We were out shoveling snow and Darcy was happily laying in the sunshine.  When my husband came up to her on the deck, she tried to jump up on him twice!  My husband likes when she does this, but I was panicking.  I told her no and ran over to keep her down.  He doesn’t seem to understand that this can hurt her.  The next day, she was limping more and seemed despondent.  I understood that this can happen and that there may be bad days.  I am so glad for the tiggerpoz website.  It answers any question you may have.  After a full day of rest, she woke up raring to go!  And this is on sedatives.  I’m not sure if dogs can build a tolerance to sedatives and will research this further. Continue reading “Week 5 – A bad day…CCL Tear”

Week 4 – CCL injury getting better with conservative management

Darcy is so much better after four weeks of conservative management!  

Her limping has improved a lot.  We have started to do ‘Sniff-n-Stroll’ walks as part of the conservative management treatment and she enjoys this.  We take her out to go potty about every two hours and now just let her stroll on leash and sniff at everything.  OurDarcy with Valentine on CCL injury blog big backyard makes it easier to control her environment.  No dogs coming up wanting to play, no squirrels to chase, but plenty to sniff and look at.  We are up to about 10 to 15 minutes of outdoor time on these walks and it’s good for all of us.  Not only does it get everyone out of the house, but makes you really look at the trees and things going on in your neighborhood.  At night, we use a headlamp.  (Who knows what our neighbors think?!)

Continue reading “Week 4 – CCL injury getting better with conservative management”

Weeks 2 & 3 – Researching Dog ACL Injury

What is best for my dog’s Knee Injury?


Darcy wearing her knee brace for dog acl injury
Darcy wearing her knee brace for dog ACL injury

So, now I have an injured dog and have been told two different things regarding what would be best for my dog.  I always considered veterinarians to be “experts” in dealing with dogs.  I am finding this is not always the case.   Continue reading “Weeks 2 & 3 – Researching Dog ACL Injury”

Day 1 CCL Injury in My Dog

Does my dog need to have surgery for a CCL injury?Darcy before her CCL injury

I am starting this blog to write about my (and my dog’s) journey with a cruciate ligament, CCL injury, dog ACL tear or dog knee injury.  I have opted for the non-surgical method of treatment called “conservative management”.  I hope this blog can help others make informed decisions for themselves and their dog.  A little bit about my dog.  She is an extremely active eight year old golden retriever.  She gets daily romps through the forest and has full access to a huge backyard all day and night. Continue reading “Day 1 CCL Injury in My Dog”