A Journey Through Conservative Management of My Dog’s Knee Injury

First off, I’m not a vet.  Just a concerned dog lover who is going through the Conservative Management/Treatment process for my dog’s (Darcy) injured cruciate ligament.  I hope I can help other people see that there are choices when their dog has a CCL tear, rupture or injury.  I spent many hours/days/weeks researching anything I could after two different vet offices told me that I HAD to get two completely different surgeries and each one told me the surgery they offered was better than the other.

I looked up alternative therapy, holistic treatment, conservative management, conservative treatment, no surgery therapies.  There is a ton of great information available out there.  You do have to search pretty hard for it.  But, heck, even wikihow has an article on it.  The absolute best site I found was www.tiggerpoz.com.  What I noticed was that everyone talked about the first day and then about how their dog is better.  No one seemed to have anything about the in between time.  I wanted to write about that time as a reminder to myself and to help other people make the decision either to have surgery for their dog ACL injury, or to try the conservative management.