Update #1 – A Dog Incident

What happened? A dog incident.

Golden retriever around two horses for dog incident post
How Darcy looked around the two big dogs!

Everything has been going great for my dog’s knee injury recovery.  And, then a bunch of things happened.  We were on a walk and two very large dogs (off leash) were pushing (herding) my dog and I down the street in the direction they wanted us to go.  They were both bigger than I was!  They were sort of head-butting and trying to put their paws on my dog if she didn’t go the way they wanted.  Darcy seemed okay after that.  The next morning, my dog came into the kitchen and sat right at my feet and was yelping.  She never even whined during her entire knee injury recovery time, so I had no idea what was going on.  I thought maybe she had tripped and possibly twisted her knee or something.  But, she seemed more scared than hurt.  We have no idea if she got stung by a bee, a bear was right outside the fence, a bluejay did a fly down attack on her or what.

I decided to give Darcy that day off of her walk.  We had been going on longer walks and longer swimming off leash time.  I thought maybe I was wearing her out and she just needed some rest.  She didn’t limp at all, but she did rest all that day.  And, the next day?  A complete and total lunatic!  Ready to go on a walk!  Now!!!  So, I’m not sure if she did injure herself or what happened.  She hasn’t limped at all, the swelling is non-existent, even the buttress (the bump on the inside of her knee from being injured) has gone down and you can not tell the difference between her back two legs.  Muscle wise, she is really muscular and doesn’t look like she was injured at all.

I will say that I avoid people who have their dogs off leash.  There is one woman who walks five dogs off leash around the lake near us.  She has absolutely no control over any of them.  I just wait until she and her herd move on, or go another direction.  I’m becoming more vocal with asking people if there dog is friendly or not.  I just don’t want my dog to get hurt again.

As far as the two big dogs from above, we see them on pretty much every walk.  The male dog tries to push my dog sideways and I just start walking faster and tell her to come along.  The garbage man actually stepped in one day when the dog was becoming really aggressive.  Unfortunately, the owners think their dog is friendly.  But, he’s a 140 pound Rottweiler who seems to have grouchy days.  I’ve tried walking on the other side of the street, but he still comes right up to us.  We live in a town where people leave their dogs off leash or roaming freely on every street.  While it may have been okay years ago, traffic has picked up a lot and I have heard more than one dog get hit by a car.  (The absolute worst sound in the world.)


And, I know that I sound completely paranoid.  But after six months of Conservative Management and all the hard work we all put it, I thinks it’s okay to be paranoid.  She was not happy during her injury and I don’t want that for her again.  So, if some paranoia is what it takes, I’m quite alright with that.

We are no longer doing her dog therapy exercises as she is becoming so much more muscular from her walks and swims.  But, I will definitely start them up again during the winter when the snow is too deep for her to get her exercise in.

All in all, everything is great with my dog’s recovery as long as we keep any dog incidents down to a minimum.  We had to change some things in the house to accommodate her better, but it is completely worth it.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Take care and good luck in your dog’s recovery.


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  1. Hello, my golden retriever has a torn CCL in her left knee. Doing the conservative management approach. It’s been a month and a half since the injury, and she is still limping and now I hear clicking noises in her knee when she first gets up and/or after she squats to go to the bathroom. She definitely is putting weight on the leg now as opposed to the beginning where she just did toe touches, but the clicking noises worry me and sound horrible. After she walks a bit, I don’t hear them anymore. Anyway, I was wondering how your pup is doing now and what kind of brace you used. I am interested in getting one for my dog. Thank you for your blog, it has been very reassuring as I worry 24/7 about my dog’s leg!!!

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