Week 20 – No more knee popping!

Yay, my dog has no more knee popping!

In the last few months of conservative therapy, my dog has had knee popping, clicking, and sort of grinding sounds.  These are explained at tiggerpoz.com.  I actually didn’t even notice that they were gone until my husband pointed it Image of the word pop for No more knee popping blog postout to me.

It’s funny how you notice when something is going on, but not when it goes away.  We were trying to figure out when the knee popping had stopped and it might be more than a month ago!

I took her for a followup visit at the holistic vet last week and they have no more advanced exercises for Darcy and want her to go to hydrotherapy!  Basically it’s a doggy underwater treadmill.  We have to actually go back to the first vet’s office for this.  They were the ones who diagnosed my dog with a full CCL tear and wanted me to do the TPLO surgery, so this should be interesting.  My holistic vet doesn’t have a hydrotherapy treatment place and the only one in my area is at the first vet’s office.  We have an appointment tomorrow.  I can’t get the picture of my dog in a pink bathing cap and goggles out of my mind!

My holistic vet really complimented me on my diligence with my dog’s conservative management recovery and that was nice to hear.  She actually asked about my dog’s knee popping because she had noticed it wasn’t there anymore as well.  She had us run and walk through the parking lot to see if Darcy was favoring that injured leg anymore and she’s not!  She recommended doing controlled jogging throughout our daily walks and we have been doing that.  My dog loves it!  And, it’s good for us too.  They measured Darcy’s knees and she has gained 5cm on both knees.  The dog physical therapist and holistic vet were super excited over that.  I attribute this to her dog therapy exercises, walks, and the glutamine I give her.  But, her knees are still not the same size and that’s why hydrotherapy is recommended to make them the same size.

We haven’t had any limping and Darcy is raring to go for her walks every day.  She is back to her old self and other than the measurement difference, we really can’t tell she was injured.  We were advised to wait for unsupervised backyard time by the vet, but that will be coming up soon.

So, hydrotherapy for my dog tomorrow and just continuing with her exercises and walks.  The vet actually said I can start doing less of her dog therapy exercises because they have done their job.

Does your dog have clicking, grinding, or popping in their knee?  If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment below.  Good luck with your conservative management for your dog!

8 thoughts on “Week 20 – No more knee popping!”

  1. This cracking, clicking and popping of the joint is called crepitus, wherein bone is grinding on bone, or bone on cartilage [menisci]. After her complete CCL rupture in late May 2013, our Golden Angel Pasha had a cracking sound in her left hind leg which we could hear from 25 FEET away. Within five weeks of wearing a Dog Knee Brace, it stopped and we never heard it again! I spoke in detail to 2 of the 4 different orthopedic surgeons who have bought our Posh Dog9 Knee Brace for their Dogs, and they explained menisci can heal themselves with sufficient vascular flow to the damaged meniscus. So glad that Darcy is doing better!

    1. Thank you for the information. I’m so glad that noise is gone. It made me wince for her every time it happened. Thank you for your kind thoughts towards Darcy, she is doing awesome!

  2. I am happy to hear that bracing will potentially resolve the clicking.
    1. My 83 poung great pyr/golden ret mix tore her Left CCL completely in November 2017. We did the conventional surgery for that.
    2. In Feb of 2018 she partially tore the Right CCL, but we did a rubber brace with a hinged joint to stabilize. It healed and was able to be completely normal with no sounds or limping after a cautious 4 months with no running, etc.
    3. In July, some clicking started in the R knee, but when the brace was on, the clicking was reduced by 75%. Left the brace off too long and now Oct 2018 is clicking quite a bit. Brace back on and will restrict her running and playing again, but that is difficult for this athletic dog who wants to play with her big brother.

    I have hope now to try this approach because there is no limping, but the sound is hard to take.

    1. I agree, the sound sort of makes you cringe. I’m so glad to hear that your dog is doing better! I’m glad I could help.

  3. My sisters dog 35-40lb corgi completely tore his left CCL a couple months ago and he had surgery for it around the first week of June it was around 2 weeks after his surgery we found out that his right CCL tore as well as he was still recovering from the surgery on his left leg. When I finally tried walking him outside with the help of a belt that I wrap around his belly to take some weight off I thought I heard some popping sounds. I instantly panicked thinking that maybe I pushed him to hard to something he wasn’t ready for. He wasn’t showing signs of limping and he kept walking only stopping to sit/take a break. When we took him back to the vet, the Dr. said his knee is popping again and that it might have something to do with his genetics(?). He also happens to mention that when they were doing the surgery on his left leg he thought he found something strange but thought it wasn’t important. BUT he never ever thought to mention it to us ever. Not when he called my brother-in-law to tell him the surgery is done and he can be picked up. Not when my mother and I brought him for his week 2 & week 4 post op check ups. He only thought to mention it 6 weeks later when he found that the “something weird” that he found might be causing his knee from fully recovering. Now he’s telling my family he might need to do a 3rd surgery and that it will cost a LOT. We still haven’t gotten to his surgery for his right CCL tear which we are planning to do. But now that I see this I’m a little skeptical. Is the doctor right? Or is he just trying to get us to do unnecessary surgery on our 2 year old pup and spend more money. I’m currently at a loss and my family is still trying to help my sister pay for the first surgery. I convinced her to go to another animal hospital just to get a second opinion. This situation is really stressing my family out and we don’t want our pup to struggle. We can tell he gets depressed just staying inside and not being able to do his usual runs. He’s been like this for more than half a year and my heart really breaks for him. I don’t know what else to do.

    1. Poor thing. What a terrible situation. I think you were right in getting a second opinion. I’m so sorry for all that you have gone through. Maybe it is time to try some things on your own and/or see what another vet says. I wish you luck in your journey.

  4. That’s so helpful. My dog got attacked by a pitbull and her knee kept popping. The vet made it sound like surgery is the only way, but now I’m thinking maybe she can recover. We are very active, and this downtime is killing us!

    1. I am so sorry your dog was attacked. This just seems to be happening more and more. I just kept thinking about how it was awful for me, it must have been so much worse for my Darcy. She handled it so well, probably better than I did! 🙂

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