Week 14 – Walking After No Surgery for Dog Knee Injury

Darcy is going on longer walks after herWalking through the forest after no surgery for dog knee injury dog knee injury!

Every single day, my dog is getting stronger after her dog knee injury.  She is amazing and made to naturally heal just like we are.  We are up to walking each day for 31 minutes and still adding on.  I swear there is no stopping her!  We keep her on leash and walk through on the path in the forest.  She is so happy and so are we.  We had one day that we did 32 minutes and she was a little limpy throughout that day so we backed the walk off for a minute for the next two days.  I don’t know if it was too much or she slept on it funny, but all is well now.  Her hind quarters and the muscles around the dog knee injury have increased in size.  You can’t tell by feel a difference in the muscles on her legs anymore.  I can’t wait to have a measurement done to see if she if fully even in muscle now between the two legs.

We have had neighbors come out to see Darcy and they can’t believe she was ever injured!  She doesn’t limp, doesn’t walk funny and looks just like she used to.  She does walk slower, but we are okay with that.  Heck, we are walking a little slower as we age.  She still has spunk after her walks and definitely in the evening.

I am still doing her three sets of six exercises every day except her recovery day(s).  She gets so excited about them.  It gets rid of her pent-up energy after resting throughout the day and I think she thinks they are a game.

We did have to get rid of a captain’s bed we had in the spare room.  That was Darcy’s bed.  We had stairs that went up to it, but now that she has been injured, it is just too tall.  We don’t want her to jump down and hurt herself.  We have kept that room closed during her recovery.  Now we have a lower bed that she can easily walk up on and are able to enjoy her “night night” routine.  She puts herself to bed when she’s tired.  She seems to love having access to “her” area again.

I found another informative website with some great information http://www.poshdogkneebrace.com/.  I wish I had found it at the beginning of my search.  There is some great information on there and their braces look amazing!  I just wish all of the information for people who choose this method wasn’t so hard to find.  But, vets have lots of money to spend on advertising to get you to “buy” surgeries.  Hopefully, natural therapies will become more mainstream and pet owners will feel more empowered.  When you first hear from the vet that your dog is injured, it is heart breaking.  If only the vets would give you hope instead of instilling fear.  But, there really isn’t money to be made in having us work through healing our own dogs.  I’ll keep doing research to find more informative websites and add them to this blog.

As always, I hope this helps.  Take care and good luck with your dog!  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.  If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does!


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