Week 13 – Walking is Fun!

How long am I walking my dog 13 weeks into Conservative Management?

Image of dog tired after walking during cruciate injury recovery
Tired dog after walking!

We’re up to 25 minutes of walking!  And, tomorrow will be 26 minutes.  I am absolutely amazed at how well Darcy is doing after her dog knee injury.  We were upping her walks by one minute a day.  We started at 10 minutes and now 25.  She doesn’t limp, she (and I) and much happier.  She is still super excited about her rounds of exercise three times a day.  We were able to take her off of the acepromazine.

I talked to her doggy physical therapist to update her and she was so excited to hear of Darcy’s progress.  She told me to up her walks one to two-minute per day and/or take her on two 20 minute walking sessions.  She is happy with what we are doing for exercises.  We are doing sets of six exercises three times a day.  The exercises consist of Sit/Stands, Walking Backward, Paws on a dyna disk and holding, lifting her good leg off the ground and holding, Walk Overs and Walk Unders.  I am doing the electrical muscle stimulation and the anti-inflammatory stimulation two to three times a week.  The physical therapist asked if Darcy still wants to keep going at the end of her walks.  Oh boy does she.  I just put in half the time on the timer of my phone and when it dings, we walk back.  Darcy is not happy when it dings, but hopefully we can get her to the point of doing a nice loop in the allotted time.  Right now, we are on out and back walking.  Also, I give Darcy one complete day of rest every week, but she’s usually chomping at the bit by early afternoon, so I take her for more small walks in the backyard on those days.  We are still taking her out in the backyard 7-8 times a day in addition to her walks.

I don’t have to see the holistic vet for another two weeks and that will just be for a follow-up visit. Our main goal now is to get Darcy to the point of being in the backyard by herself, so I will ask what steps need to be taken to accomplish this.

Someone asked me what I feed Darcy in order to keep her healthy but still at a good weight.  Here is what we do now:

3/4 cup Blue Buffalo BLUE Adult Dog Chicken & Brown Rice 30 lb twice a day.  (we get this on subscribe and save on Amazon, best price I’ve found so far.)

1 tsp with dry food twice a day  Blue Buffalo Freedom Adult Dog Chicken Dinner – Grain Free 12.5 oz (Pack of 12)

1/4 tsp twice a day, mixed with wet and dry food Turmeric

1 tablet twice a day in with food, NaturVet 240 Count Glucosamine- DS with Glucosamine and Chondroitin Tablets for Dogs another great made in the USA product, plus it had yucca and omegas 3 and 6

We have a new treat that keeps Darcy’s teeth clean, her breath fresh and adds protein to her diet during this time of muscle rebuilding.  We got these on Amazon.  One of the few that’s made in the USA and reasonably priced.

And, I cut two baby carrots in half and then slice for each set of exercises.

Her weight seems to be staying the same.  I’ve been checking on it by weighing myself first and then lifting her onto the scale in my arms and subtracting the difference.  This is definitely a funny process to watch since she’s half my weight.

So, all in all, things are going great!  My husband has walked with us several times and remarked on how much he has missed it.  Plus, he was watching her and said that you couldn’t even tell she had been injured.  Hard work and time have really paid off.  It’s so fabulous to be able to tell our story to people and have them want to do more than surgery for their dog.  I’m still very vigilant about watching her to make sure we aren’t doing too much, but as of yet no sign of limping or pain.

As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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