Weeks 10 & 11 – Dog Rehabilitation Exercises

Do dog rehabilitation exercises help?

You bet they do!  Darcy’s leg was really atrophied and she was getting sort of bony in general because of her lack of exercise during her recovery.  Now, her leg feels full of muscle again.  And, she seems to enjoy them.

I missed writing last week, I got the cold thing that was going around, but I didn’t stop doing our dog rehabilitation exercises.  For the first week we did two sets of three of the exercises:  Sit to Stands (10 each), Crawling Under (started with 10 each set, now up to 15) and High Stepping (started with 10 and now up to 15).  For the second week, we did three sets of the exercises.  We are still at three sets, but have upped the number of repetitions.  I have done the Dorsiflex Assist Wrap every other day on her good leg for one walk and one set of the exercises.  We have been using baby carrots for her exercise treats.  She loves those.  I just slice them into 40 little pieces now.  I have tried to do the 3-legged Standing exercise, but she just sits down so it doesn’t do anything for her.  We haven’t been taking her on as many outside walks in the backyard, the dog rehabilitation trainer said that Darcy would be tired after these and to cut back on those a bit.

We will be going to another training session tomorrow.  Since Darcy is almost at 12 weeks, there will be additional exercises and hopefully some short walks.  I want to weigh Darcy while we’re there to make sure I’m not underfeeding her (even with all the carrots!) since she is exercising and burning more calories now.

I have also been doing Joint Compressions a couple times a day.  It was explained that it helps keep the fluid moving in her knee and breaks up the stiffness that develops.  Darcy likes these.  I think they feel good to her injured knee.

Darcy looks so much better.  She looks younger and more energetic.  We are still keeping her mellow and not doing anything sudden movement wise.  Sometimes this is a trial.  She is walking with a less noticeable limp each week and I’m not sure that anyone looking at her would even know that she injured her CCL.

I did find another site that had some great recommendations for exercise topdoghealth.com and that’s where I got the video above to show the Sit Stand exercise.  There is a lot of information on that site.  It is for dogs who have had surgery, but there are many success stories of dogs doing the program and getting better on their own.  I will let you know that if you sign up for emails, you will get useful information but also emails about their joint supplement they sell.  We are very happy about this joint supplement we get from Amazon.

I can’t wait to go to dog rehabilitation tomorrow and see how Darcy’s leg is doing.  They measured so we can see her progress.  And, I’m super excited about giving Darcy more to do as time goes on and getting her out on her walks.  It just isn’t as fun to walk without a dog!  Take care.


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