Week 8 – Dog Knee Injury is Getting Better

Darcy’s knee injury is better

But, it’s a slow process.  My dog’s activity is slowly increasing.  We were doing one 8-10 minute walk per day and she did start to limp, so I let her rest for a couple of days.  I started just walking her around the backyard in shorter spurts more times per day.  Sometimes she’s out there for 15 minutes or more.  It’s easier to keep her mellow and we live in an area that has loose dogs.  I don’t want her playing with any of them and backslide.  So, our large backyard is sort of like a big controlled park.  I let her sniff and walk around as much as she wants.  And, as she is feeling better, it’s harder to keep her activity restricted.  She tries to run around the house in that crazy way dogs do.  But, anytime I see that look in her eye, we have a lengthy petting session to calm her down.

We did try not giving her the sedative, but that did not go well.  We were both on the floor with her trying to keep her mellow and ended up having to give her one anyway.  I will be seeing the holistic vet this week for a first visit.  It will be interesting to see what she says.  But, when I talked to her assistant, she said they hadn’t found any natural sedation that reliably works.

Darcy is walking up stairs without the towel sling now.  She started it on her own.  Usually, she would wait at the bottom of the stairs for us to put the towel around her, but she just walked up by herself.  She didn’t limp more than usual the next day, so I take this as a really good sign that her knee injury is better.  Her leg seems to be tracking straighter and I have been making her sit and stand throughout the day as this strengthens her leg.  Her muscles are coming back and the injured knee and leg almost feels like the uninjured one.

I will talk to the holistic vet about suggestions for gradual activity increase.  We would just like to get her to the point that she can go into the backyard by herself.  We don’t care if we need to walk her on leash forever, but to be able to get her out for a walk everyday would be fantastic.

We are happy her knee injury is better.  It’s amazing how far she has come.  I just keep meeting other dog owners with horror stories about the surgeries.  I had never heard of this injury and I have had dogs before.  Now that Darcy has this injury, I hear from so many people.  They are all rooting for Darcy and want to hear how it all turns out.  The one gentleman said that even with the small amount of success we have had so far will make him try conservative management if his dog gets injured.  It’s amazing how fast these two months have gone by.  It seemed like it would be forever!  LOL.  I can’t wait to see her improvement after the next two months!

I did find another cool website to check out.  It has lots of success stories.  Click here for their website.  They put their own story on there and a lot of information as well.  You can spend hours reading all of the information on there.  I found a couple of other websites, but it seems like they just are trying to sell joint supplements.

I hope our journey is helping you.  Feel free to comment and/or ask a question in the comments section below.  Take care.

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