Week 6 – We seemed to have plateaued in dog ACL injury

Darcy’s doggy ACL injury seems a wee bit better

I need to remember to compare how she is now to how she was at week two.  She is definitely better, but hasn’t shown much improvement this last week.  We decided to take the brace off her because her muscles are atrophying and we wanted her to gain some of the strength she lost.  Nothing major, just baby steps.  We got a few huge storms and really cold weather (highs were in the 20’s) so that may have affected her.  It affected me!  She laid around more on the stormy days and slept, definitely not as rambunctious as when we had nice weather the week before.

I wanted to start her on little walks out into the world, not just in the backyard.  Just 5 minute search and sniff walks, but didn’t because if she went backward in her recovery, we wouldn’t know if it was the walks, or the not using the brace.  So, if we change anything, we only do one thing at a time.  This week, the weather is supposed to be nice again, so I will try the walks and see how it goes.

We have a trip coming up in three months and are concerned if Darcy will be well enough for her normal dog sitter to come stay with her.  I wouldn’t put the current burden on anyone.  I love her, so it makes it something I want to do, but I’m not sure if other people would feel the same.  We would just like her to be able to go out her dog doors into the backyard on her own by then.

We are almost out of the sedation and the vet wants us to come back and have Darcy checked over to get more.  I am hesitant to do this after the manhandling they gave her the last time we were there.  I think I would rather just keep Darcy calm without sedation if possible anyway.  I figure more walks outside throughout the day will help with this.

So, not a lot of change this week, but I still think this was the best course of action.  I went for a walk by myself this morning and talked to another dog owner who had tried surgery for the same knee injury on his last dog.  He said his dog was never the same afterward and he is looking forward to hearing how all of this goes just in case his current dog gets hurt.

Until next time, take care.

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