Week 8 – Dog Knee Injury is Getting Better

Darcy’s knee injury is better

But, it’s a slow process.  My dog’s activity is slowly increasing.  We were doing one 8-10 minute walk per day and she did start to limp, so I let her rest for a couple of days.  I started just walking her around the backyard in shorter spurts more times per day.   Continue reading “Week 8 – Dog Knee Injury is Getting Better”

Week 7 – Gradually Increasing Activity for Dog Knee Injury

We are slowly (and I mean really slowly) increasing my dog’s activity.

before dog knee injury
Get her back into the forest again!

Her walks in the backyard were gradually getting longer as she is improving from her dog knee injury.  So, I decided to take her out into the “real world”.  We very slowly walked up and down the street for about 10 minutes.  She started to pull on the first walk because we went in the same direction that we used to go for her hour long romps through the forest. Continue reading “Week 7 – Gradually Increasing Activity for Dog Knee Injury”

Week 6 – We seemed to have plateaued in dog ACL injury

Darcy’s doggy ACL injury seems a wee bit better

I need to remember to compare how she is now to how she was at week two.  She is definitely better, but hasn’t shown much improvement this last week.  We decided to take the brace off her because her muscles are atrophying and we wanted her to gain some of the strength she lost.  Nothing major, just baby steps.  We got a few huge storms and really cold weather (highs were in the 20’s) so that may have affected her.  It affected me!  She laid around more on the stormy days and slept, definitely not as rambunctious as when we had nice weather the week before. Continue reading “Week 6 – We seemed to have plateaued in dog ACL injury”