Week 5 – A bad day…CCL Tear

Is my dog’s knee really getting better?

Sometimes it will seem like your dog is going backwards in the Conservative Management process for a CCL tear.

Darcy was starting to walk better and doesn’t understand the need for image for a bad day post on ccl injury blogactivity restriction.  This is when you must really be diligent about keeping your dog restricted.  We were out shoveling snow and Darcy was happily laying in the sunshine.  When my husband came up to her on the deck, she tried to jump up on him twice!  My husband likes when she does this, but I was panicking.  I told her no and ran over to keep her down.  He doesn’t seem to understand that this can hurt her.  The next day, she was limping more and seemed despondent.  I understood that this can happen and that there may be bad days.  I am so glad for the tiggerpoz website.  It answers any question you may have.  After a full day of rest, she woke up raring to go!  And this is on sedatives.  I’m not sure if dogs can build a tolerance to sedatives and will research this further.

Today, she is right back to where she was before the jump up incident.  She actually went over to her brace and waited by it for me to put it on.  She definitely walks better with it on.

Here is a quick recap of what we are using for Darcy’s recovery using the conservative management technique for dog acl tear:

  • knee brace
  • turmeric 1/4 tsp per meal (she is 55 lbs)
  • glucosamine and chondroitin (2 per day)
  • towel sling to go up stairs (just put it under her belly and hold up some of her weight)  they do make products for this on Amazon that might be easier to use.
  • sedation (acepromazine 1/2 pill per meal)
  • take her out to the yard on leash to do her business
  • rest and complete restriction of activity (bathroom walk to yard only)
  • make sure she can’t jump up on anything (couch, bed etc)

She is definitely getting better!  She is limping less and it is getting harder to restrict her activity, but it’s a must.  She limps at first when she has been laying down awhile, but this clears up as she moves around gently.  There has also been some popping from the knee, but from what I have read on this link  this is normal.  The swelling has gone completely down.

When my husband comes home from work, I immediately get down on the floor with her until he comes over to pet her.  When she wants to play ball, I throw it directly to her and she catches it in her mouth.  She has learned how to toss the ball back to me from a laying down position and this game can go on for quite awhile!  Bones are keeping her busy when she’s not sleeping.  We get these on Amazon and they last forever.

I am really positive about this method of Darcy healing on her own.  I have seen such great improvement since the beginning.  I have done more research and found so many websites and stories of dogs healing on their own.  I really think more veterinarians should tell you this option.  I understand they don’t make money off it, but I personally think it’s better for Darcy to allow her body to heal on its own.  I have lost my faith in the two veterinarians I went to.  I will be going to a holistic vet in about three weeks to get Darcy looked over.

I did have to give Darcy a bath.  Here’s a hint to keep your dog from slipping.  Yoga Mats!  Not only do you have a clean dog, but clean yoga mats as well. Oh, and not letting her go on her crazy running through the house after a bath took some effort.  She enjoys getting brushed, so I just immediately made her lay down and brushed her for an hour and she forgot the running thing.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, or share your experiences, other blogs and tips below in the comments. Until next time, take care.

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