Week 4 – CCL injury getting better with conservative management

Darcy is so much better after four weeks of conservative management!  

Her limping has improved a lot.  We have started to do ‘Sniff-n-Stroll’ walks as part of the conservative management treatment and she enjoys this.  We take her out to go potty about every two hours and now just let her stroll on leash and sniff at everything.  OurDarcy with Valentine on CCL injury blog big backyard makes it easier to control her environment.  No dogs coming up wanting to play, no squirrels to chase, but plenty to sniff and look at.  We are up to about 10 to 15 minutes of outdoor time on these walks and it’s good for all of us.  Not only does it get everyone out of the house, but makes you really look at the trees and things going on in your neighborhood.  At night, we use a headlamp.  (Who knows what our neighbors think?!)

We have about three feet of snow, so have to go out daily and use a Brute to loosen up the snow and ice so it’s not slippery for all of us.  Great exercise.  I just let Darcy lay in the sun and she watches me do this.

All in all, her improvement since the beginning is remarkable.  It’s almost like you can see baby steps every day!  She is much more alert and wanting attention. She goes over to her brace and puts her nose on it for us put it on.  The swelling is non-existent, thank you turmeric.  I am really hopeful about being able to take her out on short strolls in about a month.

A note about the turmeric, it definitely hardens the stool, so make sure to have plenty of water available.  We are thinking of not using the pumpkin anymore and just using turmeric all the time because of all of its health benefits.  As far as an anti-inflammatory goes, it works awesome on dogs and humans alike!

She starts to get really excited at about 10PM when my husband comes home and we just sit with her and pet her and throw the ball TO her.  She is so cheerful and wags her tail all the time.  I am so glad I discovered Conservative Management/Treatment for this CCL injury.

I’m not sure if her recovery would be progressing as fast as it is if I wasn’t working from home.  But, I have read stories of people who had to crate or put a pen for a small area for the dog while they were gone.  In addition, they used puppy pads and inside grass for the dog to go to the bathroom while they were away from home if needed.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, or share your experiences, other blogs and tips below in the comments.  Until next time, take care.

Up next, Week 5 – A Bad Day…CCL Tear

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