Week 5 – A bad day…CCL Tear

Is my dog’s knee really getting better?

Sometimes it will seem like your dog is going backwards in the Conservative Management process for a CCL tear.

Darcy was starting to walk better and doesn’t understand the need for image for a bad day post on ccl injury blogactivity restriction.  This is when you must really be diligent about keeping your dog restricted.  We were out shoveling snow and Darcy was happily laying in the sunshine.  When my husband came up to her on the deck, she tried to jump up on him twice!  My husband likes when she does this, but I was panicking.  I told her no and ran over to keep her down.  He doesn’t seem to understand that this can hurt her.  The next day, she was limping more and seemed despondent.  I understood that this can happen and that there may be bad days.  I am so glad for the tiggerpoz website.  It answers any question you may have.  After a full day of rest, she woke up raring to go!  And this is on sedatives.  I’m not sure if dogs can build a tolerance to sedatives and will research this further. Continue reading “Week 5 – A bad day…CCL Tear”

Week 4 – CCL injury getting better with conservative management

Darcy is so much better after four weeks of conservative management!  

Her limping has improved a lot.  We have started to do ‘Sniff-n-Stroll’ walks as part of the conservative management treatment and she enjoys this.  We take her out to go potty about every two hours and now just let her stroll on leash and sniff at everything.  OurDarcy with Valentine on CCL injury blog big backyard makes it easier to control her environment.  No dogs coming up wanting to play, no squirrels to chase, but plenty to sniff and look at.  We are up to about 10 to 15 minutes of outdoor time on these walks and it’s good for all of us.  Not only does it get everyone out of the house, but makes you really look at the trees and things going on in your neighborhood.  At night, we use a headlamp.  (Who knows what our neighbors think?!)

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Weeks 2 & 3 – Researching Dog ACL Injury

What is best for my dog’s Knee Injury?


Darcy wearing her knee brace for dog acl injury
Darcy wearing her knee brace for dog ACL injury

So, now I have an injured dog and have been told two different things regarding what would be best for my dog.  I always considered veterinarians to be “experts” in dealing with dogs.  I am finding this is not always the case.   Continue reading “Weeks 2 & 3 – Researching Dog ACL Injury”

Day 1 CCL Injury in My Dog

Does my dog need to have surgery for a CCL injury?Darcy before her CCL injury

I am starting this blog to write about my (and my dog’s) journey with a cruciate ligament, CCL injury, dog ACL tear or dog knee injury.  I have opted for the non-surgical method of treatment called “conservative management”.  I hope this blog can help others make informed decisions for themselves and their dog.  A little bit about my dog.  She is an extremely active eight year old golden retriever.  She gets daily romps through the forest and has full access to a huge backyard all day and night. Continue reading “Day 1 CCL Injury in My Dog”